The 2006  William Jefferson Jackson  Annual Honors Banquet
Friday October 27, 2006

The WDC-MAC-SAC annual honors banquet, named in tribute (posthumously) to William (Billy) Jefferson Jackson, was held on Friday October 27, and was an evening filled with inspirational comments and affirmations that students educated at Saint Augustine's College are prepared to compete and achieve excellence in their endeavors as noted by the five area alumni honored during the 2006 banquet.  William (Billy) Jefferson Jackson, Dr. John T. Epps (39), Mrs. Lisbon Williams (51), Dr. LaMonte G. Wyche, Sr. (63), and Evelyn Little Anderson (72) were honored this year. 

Chapter president Orabelle Wright-Price welcomed honorees, alumni and friends and Samuel Williams offered the invocation. Caroel Selby, Vice President of the National Alumni Association brought greetings to the attendees.  Dr. Mosee, Master ceremonies, gave an overview of the occasion and  thanked the Jackson family for allowing the chapter to name the honors banquet in tribute to William (Billy) Jackson and presented the commemorative plague.  David, Billy's son received the plaque and his niece offered comments, as well.   Debra, Billy's daughter, made remarks, and offered one of the highlights of the evening when she presented the chapter with funds to start a scholarship in the name of her father, William Jefferson Jackson.

Presentations were made to our 2006 honorees and a common thread found in their remarks was one of gratefulness for the recognition and love for our alma mater. Dr. John D. Epps, reflected on his early years at the "Aug" and Mrs. Lisbon expressed an honor to be amongst the attendees. Dr. LaMonte G. Wyche expressed his humble gratitude;  the importance of events such as the honors banquet and encouraged alumni to continue to support each other and our Alma mater. And Mrs. Evelyn Anderson expressed her gratitude for those who helped mold her character throughout the years.  The entire evening exuded the familial environment that attending Saint Augustine's College fosters among its students and was enjoyed by all. We should never get too bogged down with life to lift each other up. 

Every table had a camera. Take a look at the photos you took during the banquet. View the 2006 banquet photo gallery.

WDC-MAC-SAC Would like to thank fellow alumni, family and friends along with our business supporters for your belief in and  support of The 2006
William Jefferson Jackson Annual Honors Banquet