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Welcome to WDC-MAC-SAC Student Resource Center for Saint Augustine's College Students. Here you'll find information for the metro area students and their parents. Browse around and let us know what resources will help you. Also, feel free to submit information including articles, photos with write-ups about your special achievements that you'd like to share -- just click here. Check back often, a message board is coming soon. 

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Celebrate your achievement!  More young people participated in the 2008 election than in any other election in history. We're proud of you. Continue to be inspired to participate in political, social, and community activities.  Are you interested in seeking employment in the Obama-Biden administration. Please click here to apply. 

Recent Events ...

The William Jefferson Jackson Honors Banquet
Was held on October 17, 2008. Read details here.

aint Augustine's College Family Reunion Cookout and

The annual cookout was attended by alumni from classes that span the decades. Our most recent graduate was from the class of 2008, he was the vice president of the SGA and received a standing ovation when he announced his class.  Next year we looking forward to having you there!  View more photos and information here.  

February 16, 2008: A Day of Recognition of Historically Black Episcopal Colleges

On February 16, 2008, students from Saint Augustine's College joined students from Saint Paul's and Voorhees Colleges at Howard University in Washington DC, for a Day of Recognition of Historically Black Episcopal Colleges.  The Office of Black Ministries of the Episcopal Church along with administrators and alumni from the three institutions planned the day to celebrate the legacy of excellence of the colleges. Since a major part of the  legacy is the education and development of our young people through  the years,  the event focused on activities designed to showcase, educate, and engage our students.

The day began with a concert in Rankin Chapel that featured the college choirs and opening remarks by the presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, the Most Rev. Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori, who also participated in the events throughout the day.

After the concert the students attended a series of workshops on the following topics: Interviewing Skills and Resume Writing; Financial Management; The Healthy College Student; and Conflict Management, hosted by a roster of professionals from each field.  Lunch time included the opportunity for the students to meet and mingle and the afternoon featured a panel discussion conducted by student leaders from each campus and a professional moderator. The student panel participants posed engaging subject matter to their fellow students and gave all participants an opportunity to respond. It was an enlightening exchange for everyone, including the administrators and alumni who participated. The day culminated with a return to Rankin Chapel for a closing worship service, after which the students returned to campus.  If you attended the event and would like to share feedback on the event please click here. 

October 2007, Meet and Greet with Saint Augustine's College Class of 2010

On October 19, 2007, during home coming festivities, the Washington DC Metropolitan Alumni Chapter held a meet and greet with the Saint Augustine's College Freshman class of 2010 from the  metropolitan area,  to reach out to the students from the area to let them know their local alumni are routing for their success and that we are here to help not only in the betterment of the college, but the students as well. And to  take on the responsibility of helping our young people thrive, so that they will understand the importance of them giving back and the next generation thrive.   

The alumni and students introduced themselves and as we talked we found out that a number of the students are from Suitland Maryland, as well as the District of Columbia and Virginia.  We asked the students what type of information the chapter could offer them on a section of the web devoted to student resources and we received a resounding request for grants and financial aid  information. In response, the student resource page will offer a listing of financial aid resources from the metro area and job opportunities among other information as the site grows.  We also gave the students information about the William Jefferson Jackson Scholarship that's available to students. The scholarship was created and named by the Jackson family in memorial to their father, who loved the college dearly.  View photos from the Meet-n-greet below:

After a lively exchange  the alumni presented the attendees with a "college student care package" that was created and put together by the chapter members. The package was filled with tasty, yet healthier snacks, a first aid kit, hand sanitizer and other items of use to a student. Also before parting the chapter members expressed their pride in the students for seeking a higher education and their expectations that the students will excel and encouraged them to do just that.  The students expressed their appreciation and the packages were delivered to students who were not able to attend.  The chapter will plan another session to meet and greet upperclassmen in 2008